BEING the consummate fucking professionals that we are, a recent rummage through Malefic Rex stock revealed several copies of BAHIMIRON's 'Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror' CD (review) which for some reason had not been added to either our distro list nor our ebay store. This has now been remedied and our excellent customers are able to pick up this slab of black filth for £7.50 plus postage. Check out an audio taster here


MORE phonic atrocities against the world of man and popular music were delivered to the Malefic Rex command bunker yesterday morning and are now available to our discerning patrons:

CEREKLOTH 'In the Midst of Life We are in Death' CD (review)

The first and possibly sole album by the this Danish group. Expectations have been high for this debut, especially following 2011's revelatory 'Halo of Syringes' EP, and the men from the 'Mark certainly do not disappoint. Exhibiting a refreshing take on old-school Death Metal, much of 'In the Midst...' crawls along at a sickeningly slow pace, relying on brooding atmosphere rather than wanton speed to communicate their message of death and disease. It is entirely without hysteria that I declare this to be one of the better DM full-lengths of this year.


DENOUNCEMENT PYRE 'Almighty Arcanum' CD (review)

The sophomore release of this exalted Antipodean hit squad witnesses a distinct evolution from 2010's 'World Cremation'. The horde manages to take the raging chaos of outfits like Deströyer 666 and Angelcorpse and channel it through a more concise and atmospheric prism to create something that is at once overwhelming yet dangerously listenable. This latter contagiousness sometimes recalls the melodic viciousness of pre-incarceration Dissection, which is obviously no bad thing. An excellent album that excretes all over the last couple of Watain offerings.


IMPIOUS BAPTISM 'Wrath of the Apex Predator' CD

If the fact that the sole member of Impious Baptism has done tours of duty in outfits like Hobbs' Angel of Death, Nocturnal Graves and Deströyer 666 (to name but a few) doesn't immediately pique your interest then you're obviously at the wrong fucking party. Fanatics of Canadian War Metal outfits and their various bastard progeny will froth verily at these nine tracks of audile annihilation.


Price: £8.50 each, plus postage. Or BUY ALL THREE for £23, plus postage. Order details are here.


A MEATY package just thudded onto my doormat, which on closer inspection was found to contain the proceeding audial abominations: 

ABYSSAL 'Denouement' CD (review)

Official CD reissue of this astonishing 2012 debut. A vertigo-inducing mingling of Black and Death Metal that could perhaps be compared to psychotomimetic acts like Mitochondrion or Antediluvian, 'Denouement' should be owned by all who worship at the hematic altar of dark and obscure Metal. A latter-day classic and from a UK outfit to boot. Support!


KINGDOM 'Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy' CD (review

Kingdom are yet another Polish Death Metal einsatzkommando who exhibit 100 percent ruthlessness in the execution of their abominable craft. Whilst the somewhat-clunkily-titled 'Morbid priest of Supreme Blasphemy' is rather coarser than the precision aural destruction visited upon listeners by fellow Poles like Azarath, it certainly lacks nothing in terms of barbarous aggression delivered through notable composition.  


DECAYING 'The Last Days of War' CD (review)

The krieg-worshipping Finns return with their third album, which unapologetically deals with some of the major engagements of the two world wars. You like Asphyx? You like Bolt Thrower?* Then 'Last Days of War' should be an automatic purchase. 
*You fucking should.  


Price: £8.00 each, plus postage. Or BUY ALL THREE for £21, plus postage. Order details are here.


WE are now carrying the following titles from the rotten fuckers at F.D.A. Rekotz:

LIFELESS 'Godconstruct' CD (review)

SULPHUR AEON 'Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide' CD (review) SOLD OUT!

CHAPEL OF DISEASE 'Summoning Black Gods' CD (reviewSOLD OUT!

As is to be expected from a label of this quality all these releases are MANDATORY. Failure to comply will result in severe mutilation.

Price: £9.00 each, plus postage. Order details are here.  

TRIBULATION 'The Formulas of Death' CD (11/March/13)

WE are now carrying CD copies of Swedish outfit TRIBULATION's sophomore album 'The Formulas of Death' (01/03/13, Invictus Productions). This release sees a considerable evolution from debut 'The Horror', with the Thrash stylings of said album being largely replaced by Black Metal and - surprisingly - proggish influences. A grandiose and dark work that repays repeated listens. Read an elucidating review HERE

Price: £8.00, plus postage (£1.40 UK/£3.70 Europe/£4.75 Rest of World). Order details are here. SOLD OUT!

LIST (updated 01/August/13)

Crossed-out titles are awaiting restock. Please contact for details.

  • ABYSSAL 'Denouement' CD £8.00
  • ABYSME: 'Strange Rites' CD £8.50
  • ANTEDILUVIAN 'Through the Cervix of Hawaah' CD £8.00
  • BAHIMIRON 'Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror' CD £7.50
  • BEHEMOTH '...from the Pagan Vastlands' CD Digipak £8.00
  • BEHEMOTH 'The Return of the Northern Moon'' CD Digipak £8.00
  • BINAH 'Hallucinating in Resurrecture' CD £8.50
  • BLAZE OF PERDITION 'The Hierophant' CD £8.00
  • BLOOD MORTIZED 'The Key to a Black Heart' CD £8.00
  • CEREKLOTH 'Halo of Syringes' CD EP £5.00
  • CEREKLOTH 'In the Midst of Life We are in Death' CD £8.50
  • CHARON 'Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)' CD £9.00
  • DECAYING 'The last Days of War' CD £8.00
  • DECEPTION/DEMONIC SLAUGHTER 'Worshippers Of The Darkness' split MCD digipak £7.00
  • DE MAGIA VETERUM 'The Divine Antithesis' CD Digipak £8.00
  • DEMONCY 'Enthroned is the Night' CD Digipak £8.00
  • DENOUNCEMENT PYRE 'Almighty Arcanum' CD £8.50 
  • DEUS MORTEM 'Darknessence' CD EP Slipcase £4.00
  • DO SKONU 'Womb Of Primeval Darkness' CD £7.00
  • ECTOVOID 'Fractured in the Timeless Abyss' CD digipak £8.50
  • ENTARTUNG 'Krypteia' CD £9.00
  • ESCARNIUM 'Excruciating Existence' CD £8.00
  • ETERNITY 'Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII' CD £9.00
  • FATHER BEFOULED 'Revulsion of Seraphic Grace' CD £8.50
  • FLAGELLATED SERAPH 'Beyond Salvation' CD digipak £8.50
  • FURIA 'Marzannie, Krolowej Polski' CD £8.00
  • GOREPHILIA 'Embodiment of Death' CD £8.50
  • GRAVELAND 'In the Glare of Burning Churches' CD £7.50
  • HELL UNITED: 'Aura Damage' CD £8.50
  • HELLVETRON 'Death Scroll of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties' CD £8.00
  • HUMAN CULL 'Split Second Extinction' CD EP £4.00
  • IMPIOUS BAPTISM 'Wrath of the Apex Predator' CD £8.50  
  • INTESTINAL 'The Rottening' CD £8.00
  • KINGDOM 'Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy' CD £8.00
  • MALFEITOR 'Dum Morior Orior' CD £8.00
  • MASSIVE ASSAULT 'Death Strike' CD £8.00
  • LIFELESS 'Godconstruct' CD £9.00
  • NORDVREDE 'Legion Nordvrede' CD £8.00
  • PACT 'The Dragon Lineage of Satan' CD £8.00
  • PANDEMONIUM 'Misanthropy' CD
  • PROFANATICA 'Sickened by Holy Host' CD EP £6.00
  • PSEUDOGOD 'Deathwomb Catechesis' CD £8.00
  • REVEL IN FLESH 'Deathevokation' CD £8.00
  • SANGUIS IMPEREM 'In Glory We March Towards Our Doom' CD £8.00
  • SATAN'S HOST 'By the Hands of the Devil' CD £8.00
  • SKELETAL REMAINS 'Beyond the Flesh' CD £8.50
  • THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE 'Henosis' CD Digipak £8.00
  • THRALL 'Vermin to the Earth' CD £7.50
  • THRONEUM 'Death Throne Entities' CD £7.50
  • THY DARKENED SHADE 'Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs' CD £9.00
Secondhand CDs
  • QUICKSAND DREAM ' Aelin: A Story about Destiny' CD LIKE NEW £5.00


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